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Balloon Suite Website V1.2.0 (9/15/2020) Image

Balloon Suite Website V1.2.0 (9/15/2020)

Bug Fixes

  • On products page when more products than fit on one page, only current pages products categories show in sidebar. Updated so all product categories show at all times.
  • When adding a new feature, that feature was not editable until the page was reloaded. Updated so features are editable after adding.
  • When selecting the page that the header call to action button links to in the settings, it was pulling the page list from the old table. Updated to pull from new pages
  • When checking out, some times the price would have more than 2 decimals displayed
  • Fix mobile design to be more user friendly for smaller phones
  • Issue adding products with optional attributes
  • A few areas were not updating website cache after updated in Balloon Suite Portal


  • Update product price to show range with attributes and hide when no price available
  • Update product image thumbnails to be larger and below main image

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