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Why can't I use business address pickups when adding a tax rate? Image

Why can't I use business address pickups when adding a tax rate?

If you have logged in recently, you have probably noticed there is no longer the option to use your business address when calculating taxes for pickups? Why did we make this change?

As we continue to add more clients to the Balloon Suite platform, the tax needs of customers gets more and more complex. We have recently done an update to our tax rates that is more in line with how taxes are calculated for all states. When this started the customers we had were few and simple, as it became more complicated, we had to find a way to simplify the process. Here are a few changes.

Taxes can be State, County or City

While the Balloon Suite tax system was able to handle these before, it was a bit confusing for clients and often customers would add to much information for taxes. So we have updated our user interface to allow you to add taxes by state, county or city.  Since all taxes are either city state or county taxes, we have made it easier to know what you need to fill out but removing options that are no longer applicable when filling it out. For instance, if its a county tax, there is no reason to add a city.

Previously we also calculated based on zip code. While we will continue to use zip codes for legacy entries to make sure taxes are properly charged, any new entries will no longer be able to add a postal code when adding a tax rate.

Use Business Address for Pickups

Previously there was an option to be able to use business address for pickups. We have removed this option and migrated everyone to use this be default. There are 2 types of tax types (explained below) and both tax types will use the business address for taxes when the product is picked up from your store or location. This is the setting by default, so you do not need to worry about loosing this, even though it is no longer an option.

Tax Source Added

In this updated we added a tax source to each tax rate.

What is a tax source? You can read the blog post here that explains the difference in detail, but in short it allows you to select whether you want to use your office address to determine sales tax, or the delivery address.

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