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Balloon Suite is an online platform for balloon professionals. We saw a void in the balloon industry when it came to websites for balloon professionals. Unless you were willing to pay thousands of dollars for a custom website, you were left with doing it yourself through a basic web builder or hiring someone to build a website using a limited WordPress template. Either way, there were some major issues with all these solutions. So, we created a solution that is perfect for balloon professionals.

Founder Story

In 2015, Brandon started a local balloon business to generate some extra revenue. Within a few years however, that side business quickly turned into a full-time business. With just a few years, his balloon business grew to over $100k in sales per year thanks to Brandon's experience in web development and online marketing.

Brandon realized the need that balloon professionals have for a website, and that many of them did not have a good solution. So, they set out to create the solution.

As Balloon Suite starts off, we are dedicated to closing the gap of balloon professionals and the online world. Providing them the services that they need to not only compete online, but also succeed! Our goal is to build an online platform that rockets thousands of balloon professionals to the next level online.

About Us

Balloon Suite is dedicated to creating an online platform for balloon professionals.

Helping you succeed online is our only priority!

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